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I give up with boys.
I have tried too many times to organise something or try and give what they want but it never ends up in my favour. I just get shut down or no reply.
Yep fuck you too.


Joel Birch - The Amity Affliction Sydney 04/09/14
photo by Peter Sharp
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"Sometimes, you don’t know what you’ve got
until it’s gone. And they leave, and you learn
to be more appreciative in the future — to be
less self centred. But what about all the times
that you do — when you know what you’ve
got, when you know how tremendously lucky
you are, when every day is a pleasure and
treasured for all that it is? I’ll tell you.
They leave, and that’s it — it’s neither your
fault or theirs, there’s no life lesson or greater
purpose. Sometimes, in life, good things just go.
And you never really get over them."

Beau Taplin || I knew what I had and now it’s gone.  (via afadthatlastsforever)

(via havefunandoffend)


you deserve so much love i hope you know that
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Anonymous: Lakdhdkalskfja you're gorgeous!! I really hope you're still pursuing modeling because I think everyone should be graced by your beauty :)

Ah thank you so much!
I really would love to, and I am trying, but everything is a bit on hold at the moment whilst I try and sort my money issues out. But thank you so much! That means a heck of a lot to me

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You know what’s cool?
When the one uncle that has been so against getting tattoos and me wanting to get into that industry, calls you and tells you that he wants one.
Yep, I’m making changes in my family!