It all makes sense now…

It’s funny looking back at me as a child. I was such a girly girl, yet I didn’t like the ordinary things girls did.¬†Like the colour pink. I did however love high heels, fake nails and dressing up.

And I can see that I did always like the “darker” sides of things.

I remember watching Blink 182 and thinking the guy with tattoo’s was hotter than the other 2 - Travis.

Good Charlotte made me happy.

Avril Lavigne was a massive influence.

AFI, I was in love with how they screamed in their song. I thought that was awesome.

Then upon finding out that there were heaps of other bands that did that was so exciting for me.  

I can now see where I have developed my love for tattoos and heavier music and the not so girly things in life.
And with that, I am completely okay with it.

Posted: Mon May 14th, 2012 at 5:29pm

Tagged: Personal