Possibly one of the best weekends in a long time, not a drop of alcohol or drugs or club. Not a sight near Sydney either. And I loved it.

Tea, cuddles, satay fondue, kisses, fun, sleep, orange juice, toast, torchwood, WoW, being lazy, all you can eat buffet, rain, cats, dog, sleeping bag, laughs, bacon and eggs, presents, sillyness, friendliness.

I spent it at Blake’s for his 20th birthday. I planned to only stay Saturday night, but that ended up being Sunday night as well as his mum said that there was nothing else to say about me going to Dinner with their family. It was possibly the cutest thing ever!

His parents seemed to warm so much more to me and his siblings were slightly more talkative. 

They sucked me into Torchwood, which is a show I really must get into now. 

It may have been that I haven’t seen him for like 5 months or the fact that I haven’t had affection for like 3 months, but I was so overly happy to be cuddled next to him and be completely comfortable. - My anxiety seems to have contained itself around him and I seem to not be so jumpy. I do still have some worries and need to control it a little but from where I started, I have come a VERY long way.


Posted: Mon June 11th, 2012 at 10:38pm

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